An assortment of my favorites from Rennie Ellis’s collection:


No Standing Only Dancing
My son Josh learns to swim
Mr. Australia
Jude’s Tongue
Fitzroy Extrovert



From his website:
Over 30 years his quest for recording the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour has taken him to locations all over the world. He was as much at home photographing Carnival in Rio de Janiero with all its extroverted sexuality as he was recording the backstage preparations of the celebrated Kirov Ballet. At other times, in pursuit of the illusive photo, he had been lost in the souks of Marrakech, rowed up the Ganges at dawn, embraced the dust and flies of cattle stations on the edge of the Simpson Desert and given his minders the slip in Shanghai. He had been welcomed to the White House and thrown out of the Moulin Rouge.
It’s been said that the urge to preserve is the basis of all art. When pushed to make a value judgement on his own photography – is it art, social realism, photojournalism or slice-of-life indulgence? – Ellis replied with a quote from the pioneering American photographer Alfred Stieglitz: “Art or not art, that is immaterial – I continue on my own way, seeking my own truth, ever affirming today”