you came back to the night,
a cluster of shadowy hours;
break it off, eat the fruit of darkness,
taste ignorance.

With the pride of a tree
standing in a whirlwind
you undress
moving like water
leaping from the rocks
you abandon your bodies
with the sleepwalking steps of the wind
and throwing yourself on the bed
with eyes closed
you search for your ancient nakedness

i fall in you with the blind fall of a wave
your body sustains me like a wave reborn
wind blows outside and gathers the waters
all of the forests are a single tree

the city sails in the middle of the night
through endless earth and sky and seas
the elements entwine and weave
the clothes for an unknown day

enormous desert and secret fountain
scale of silence and tree of screams
body that unfolds like a sail
body that enfolds like an ember
heart i tear out from the night
scorpion fixed to my chest
seal of blood on my years as a man

(what you say i make)

with a Yes
the lamp guides you to the door of the dream
with a No
the scale that weighs the lies and truth of desire
with an Oh
the flowering one to cross through death

(today, always today)

you speak (many rains are heard)
i don’t know what you are saying (a yellow hand holds us)
you keep still (many birds are born)
i don’t know where we are (a scarlet cavity encloses us)
you laugh (the legs of the river are covered with leaves)
i don’t know where we’re going (tomorrow is today in the
middle of the night)

today opens and closes
never moves and never stops
a heart that never flickers out
today (a bird rests
on a tower of hail)
it is always noon